Two Very Different Experiences

Two Very Different Experiences

This morning we woke up and the idea of Sunday brunch pulled us out of bed before noon.

We drove over to the nearest brunch spot. As I was waiting by the hostess stand, an older couple was walking out. The woman led. She had gold grills on her bottom teeth and made a point to tell everyone she passed to “have a wonderful day”. I waited for her to pass me to do the same. Her warm smile and kind voice made me feel joyful and loved. I looked at the nearest stranger. It seemed her well wishes had the same effect on him. When the hostess came over, it turned out the next available table was going to take longer than we were willing to wait. I thanked her, and we went to the next restaurant.

When we walked inside the second restaurant, we heard angry voices coming from an older couple in front of us. They were bullying a young hostess with braces, no older than fifteen, for not having seated them yet. Their rudeness caused the poor girl to freeze. I looked at this entitled couple and said “this is not how you treat people”. The couple started to storm out while wishing us all the worst to which I responded with a loud “have a wonderful day!”

Looking back at these two couples we had witnessed this morning it was evident that they had two very different perspectives: The first couple was focused on spreading kindness to everyone around them. The second couple was focused on themselves with no awareness of their affect on others.

I hope we remember to be like the first couple. Remembering everyone could use more positivity and compassion. We all have our own struggles and the last thing we need to do is make life harder for others.

I encourage you to make a conscious effort to spread a little more kindness this week. It makes more of a difference than you could ever imagine.

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