Are Your Basic Needs Being Met?

Are Your Basic Needs Being Met?

This afternoon when I was walking my cute puppy, Franklin, it started raining. Sprinkles turned into a full on downpour, and we began to run home.

When we got inside, Franklin was so excited he was running around the apartment with a huge smile on his face which got me thinking: What makes Franklin happy?

How simple it is. I thought to myself. I mentally made a list of the things he enjoys: spending time with loved ones, food, water, exercise, playtime, affirmations, and snuggles!

This list made me think, anytime our furry friends lack or overdo one or more of these things, they’re not afraid to let us know. They begin partaking in attention seeking behaviors or act plainly out of character.

This then led me to think about the things that bring us as humans happiness. How simple it is: spending time with loved ones, food, water, exercise, playtime, affirmations, and snuggles!

Which of these things are you lacking in your life?

Spending Time With Loved Ones

When’s the last time you spent time with someone you love? Or the last time you spoke to a loved one on the phone?

Food & Water

Are you over or under consuming? Why is this? Spend some time reflecting on your dietary habits lately and how they’ve been affecting you.

Exercise & Playtime

We were made to move and have fun! If you don’t do this already, aim to do one thing a day that gets your blood flowing and or brings out your creative energy / inner child.


Being recognized feels good. If you’re feeling like you’re lacking external affirmations, I encourage you to make a list of the things you’re proud of yourself for. It could be finishing out a tough day at work, finally paying that bill you’ve been putting off, or even for getting your laundry done. Nothing is too small.


When all else fails, sometimes we just need a hug. ❤️

Are there any items in this list you feel you’re doing particularly well with or one that you may need to pay more attention to?

Thank you for reading!

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