How to Spend Your Free Time During a Week Night

Have you ever longed to have free time but the second you had it, you had no idea what to do? This happens to me quite frequently.

When I’m busy, I fantasize about a time in the future when I’ll have a chance to finally work on all of my exciting ideas. Ironically, when that time does come in the future, I forget all about those amazing ideas and resort to binge watching something on Netflix.

Having had lots of free time lately, I finally got sick of having too much screen time and created a list of things to do.

Here are 6 Things to Consider Trying When You Have Free Time During a Week Night:

1. Plan Gifts for Loved Ones

Last year, I ordered everyone’s gifts off Amazon. It was the most convenient year of gift giving (besides the years I didn’t get anyone anything oops) BUT I came across this YouTube Video called Why I Don’t Want an Efficient Life In this video, Sophie, the narrator, talks about the beauty of putting together thoughtful, handmade gifts. When’s the last time you put in that extra effort into a gift? If you already do this, kudos! If you don’t, this is such a great way to spend your free time. You can make personalized cards, videos, or take up a hobby with the intent of giving the finished product as gifts.

2. Research Classes to Take

Fitness classes? Singing lessons? Acting classes? The world is your oyster! There are so many online resources like that connect you with coaches for whatever you want to do. Why not?

3. Declutter Your Phone

Put some awesome music on, go through your photo gallery and delete those photos that no longer serve you. We don’t need 1000 photos from the same day of our pets. Guilty. Pick a few favorites. Maybe create some new albums: food photos, family photos, travel photos, etc. This way when you’re showing photos to your friends or whoever, you know exactly where to find them. It also saved you from that awkward pause when you’re trying to find your vacation photos from 2017.

4. Clean One Thing

You don’t necessarily need to go hard but pick one thing that you want to focus on cleaning whether that be yourself lol, that one drawer you’ve been avoiding or the fridge. Just do it. You’ll feel better.

5. Change Your Look

Browse Pinterest for inspiration if you need to. For me this looks like painting my nails, giving myself a new haircut, trying on new outfit variations with the clothes in my closet and testing out different makeup applications.

6. Cook Something Fun

Spend a little extra time making your food tonight. Try a new recipe. Plate your food differently than usual.

What do you do to make your free time more fun? Please share!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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