Life Without Headphones

Before I leave the house, I always make sure I have my… headphones. 

Was there a time when I didn’t do this? Not one that I remember.

Walking around a college campus, I notice I am not the only one. We walk around with cords connecting our ears to our pockets and our eyes glued to our phones. 

What happens in the rare case that I don’t have my headphones?

I experience a different world.

I meet an amazing woman from Jordan who suggests I try the local Middle-Eastern store. 

I make a lifelong friend at the airport who has traveled the world to help  children who come from broken families.

I meet two friends who have the same fascination with interior design as I do and we chat during the entire commute.

I meet a woman in her 50s, who also forgot her headphones, and we talk about life, relationships, and spirituality. I feel like we have met in another life. 

I notice the conversations and love that surrounds me. 

I make deeper connections. 

Life has more meaning. 

4 responses to “Life Without Headphones”

  1. Totally!!! I work in a hospital and for 12 hours in the day, I am for the most part, disconnected from headphones and my phone…. I meet the most amazing people with the most amazing stories. A couple that met as children and have been married for 80 years. A woman that spent 8 years living in a basement during the war. Some of the best life advice, ever. Love deep conversations with people

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