Feeling Overwhelmed?

Write It Out

What is making you feel overwhelmed? Is it a change in your life? A long to-do list?

By writing down everything that consumes your mind- the to do list or the sources of fear and anxiety- you begin to realize it’s not as much as you had thought.

Make a Plan

Organize your notes in order of urgency and priority. Write out a calendar and set deadlines. Calm your anxiety with dates. It will help you realize that you do NOT have to do everything right now and yes it will still get done.

Tell somebody

No you will not be seen as a negative Nancy. Tell someone how you are feeling and what is causing it. People love to offer advice and that reassurance can feel very comforting.

Do one thing

Look at your list of worries. Pick something you know you can do now. Do it. Cross it off. You will feel amazing.

Remember: often times we get anxiety because we have all these things to do and have no idea how we can do it. The tasks we have ahead seem unattainable and it becomes daunting to start. But we need to:

Breathe. Organize. Plan. Talk. Then do.

(Put simply)

You can do it.

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