3 Ways to Have a Happier And More Productive Day


Ever have one of those days? The kind where you just can’t seem to focus. Every task throughout your day feels like a chore and every conversation just feels boring and drawn out.

I definitely have. In fact, I felt like that this morning. I sat in class and slouched in my seat. Can this day be over yet? I began to watch the clock.

Why did I feel like this today?

I thought back to the days when I felt all the energy and was excited about being productive.

What did I do differently?

It hit me.

The days when I’m happiest and most productive are usually the days when I do these three things:

engage, move, go above and beyond


Why is this important? It’s easy to get bored and let your mind wander in spaces outside of the present moment. This can make you feel anxious and wish you were somewhere in the future. When we engage in the present moment, it allows for us to become curious.

Even if it may not seem like it, you can learn from what is going on in the present moment. Engage and become curious. Take notes. Pay attention to details. Be present. It makes a world of a difference. And ask questions. You will feel much more fulfilled.


Find yourself falling asleep? Get up and take a quick walk. Grab a drink. Take the long way. The more you move, the more productive you will be.

What’s that saying again? A body in motion tends to stay in motion? Yeah, that! Get moving and get doing!

Go above and beyond

Do not just settle for the average mark. When you attempt to go above and beyond in your tasks you will feel yourself getting more excited.

Feel good about impressing others and impressing yourself. No one got motivated by doing an absolute average job. Strive for greatness! You will do great things!


Thanks for reading, what practices do you implement that give you joy and help you be productive?


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