3 Restaurants in the Twin Cities that you Need to Try: Part II

Costa Blanca in NE



These are tapas! We came here hungry as cows and ordered like 6 dishes. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the names of what we got but man it was good. A little pricey, but it was a very good experience.



I love Barrio. They have multiple locations- in St. Paul and Minneapolis. If you sit outside at the one in downtown Minneapolis, make sure you sit at Barrio’s section. The restaurant next door has very similar seating and my friend and I sat and waited at the wrong restaurant for 30 minutes before realizing we weren’t actually sitting at Barrio…oops.

The Handsome Hog

hungry hog

This was my first chicken and waffle experience and to tell you the truth.. I still dream about it. I have never tasted anything so good in my life. Literally life changing. Wow.

You guys.. I swear this food is mouth watering. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND.

Thanks for reading + happy eating 🙂



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