Why Mentorship is Crucial to Success


I never had a mentor. I was too scared to reach out. Why would someone want to take time out of their busy schedule to give me advice?

I never considered becoming a mentor. Who would want my advice? I don’t even have my life together.

Well, here’s a universal truth: We all have something to teach and something to learn.

I would be flattered if someone looked to me as a mentor, so why wouldn’t someone else feel the same way?

We are all looking to learn more about something- and if you don’t feel this way you must know everything- teach.

We all have experiences of our own that others can learn from. We all have overcome challenges and that comes with stories to tell. Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? The stories I enjoy hearing the most are stories of overcoming major life challenges and what that looked like for someone.

None of our lives look the same, but we are here to connect with each other. One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is sharing and listening to other’s life experiences.

Being able to share how you got through an obstacle makes the struggle feel worth it. You went through whatever it was so that you could help others who are now going through that similar experience.

Are you scared the next chapter in your life? Get a mentor. They can make the leap less scary.

So who do you look up to? Reach out to them.

Who do you know that is in a place where you once were? Help them.

Thank you for reading. Have the happiest of mondays 🙂

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