9 Questions to Ask When Creating a Style

I used to make a huge effort to keep up with the latest trends. I didn’t particularly like the clothes, but I bought them so it seemed like I was up to date with fashion. I would shop almost every single weekend. Then, I would wear the clothes for a few weeks and they would never leave my closet again.

My life changed when I was listening to an interview with Ralph Lauren, who was talking about simple and timeless looks. I had an a-ha moment and thought to some people I knew who’ve had the same style for years. It just works for them. Have you ever met someone like that?

Even though, yes, once in a while I want some inexpensive, fun thing to go out in, realistically I’m spending the same if not more buying cheap and quick trending clothes than I would be buying well-made clothes that I would enjoy for a long time.

Another hard part for me was realizing what looks good on someone else may not look good on me. And that’s okay! I used to see other girls wearing cute things and would try to find similar things regardless of how they looked on me. What a waste. If I didn’t like how it looked in the fitting room but just liked the style, how can I expect to wear it out of the fitting room? I guess they looked good in my closet.

So to the questions- but before that, I highly suggest you look through your closet first, organize your clothes into categories, and then take inventory what you already have.

Then ask yourself this-

How would I describe the style of my clothing right now?

What Celebrities do I admire?

What colors do I feel best in?

What types of clothing compliment my body the best?

What colors compliment my skin tones?

What outfits do I feel most confident in?

What clothes do I have that stood the test of time?

How would I want someone to describe my style? (in 5 or less words)

What are my favorite materials?

What do you guys think? If all fails- find ideas on interests! Never underestimate the power of Pinterest boards.

Anyways, have a happy & marvelous Thursday 🙂

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