Everything You Should Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions


I remember when I first heard about eyelash extensions- it was about three years ago when I worked at an overnight summer camp. I was on Pinterest looking at makeup inspiration (which I hadn’t worn any all summer) and I saw one girl who had amazing lashes. I showed my English coworkers, at the time, and said something along the lines of “I wish my eyelashes looked like that- I cannot put on fake eyelashes for my life”. Then one of them asked me, “have you heard of eyelash extensions?”

From there, all I thought about was booking my appointment for right when I got back home from camp. I couldn’t wait to have glamorous lashes with no effort. I began to look at prices- at this time no one really did eyelash extensions in the states and the only salon I could find near my house charged 300 dollars!! When I told my coworkers this, they said that was absurd. In England, they only charge 30. No fairrrrr. I thought. I should just take a trip to England to get my eyelashes done. 

Since my discovery of lash extensions, I’ve gone to three different ladies to do them for me. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that not all lashes are equal! or I should say- not all lash products.

Prices range a good amount and different people carry different lash products. I would say the more expensive lashes are usually worth it. They look more realistic, usually last longer, and don’t tangle as much as cheap ones do. I guess it comes down to preference- and people get lashes for different reasons.

I would recommend you look at the work that the person you are going to has done before going. I think a lot of people do tacky jobs (my opinion!!).

The woman I go to now lets you pick a variety of options- which I like. She offers different lash arrangements and you can pick between gorgeous, cute, and sexy lash looks. She also has different dimensions for lashes. So the picture you see above is from when I got the 2-D lashes. MY FAVORITE. I just love when they are thicker. Lol.

Anyways, that’s my experience with lashes and I want to share some pros and cons of having lashes:


– spending less time doing makeup

– confidence boost

– don’t have to apply fake lashes anymore

– looking more photogenic

– wearing less makeup

– compliments



– maintenance (go in every 2-3 weeks)

– having to be more conscious of rubbing your eyes

– no oil based makeup removers (if you want the lashes to last a while)

– limited time in saunas and in water

– losing your real lashes overtime

– fallout and gaps in lashes look funny


Let me know if you have any question about lashes! I would be happy to answer them 🙂

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