9 Tips on Having a Successful Event

Before the Event:

Tell People in advance

Even if you don’t have all of the details set up, let people know that you are thinking of having an event and what the general theme will be. You can send a flyer saying that more details are to come. This way people are already anticipating a follow-up and are getting excited about the event before you send out the rest of the information.

Make the invite personal

While you can send a general invitation, it is nice to send a personal note along with it. Something like “It wouldn’t be the same without you” or “I’m so excited that you are thinking of coming!”

Give enough information

Yes time, date and location are most important but what about size of the event, what  should they bring, what you will provide, and what the general dress code will be? It’s nice to come to an event knowing all of these details. It makes you feel comfortable and ensures that you don’t dress in a ballroom gown when everyone else is wearing jeans.

Get party favors + food

Remember when we were kids and the only thing that got us excited to go to birthday parties was receiving party favors at the end? (oh, and candy!) Well, I don’t think that ever really goes away. It’s fun to give out silly gifts to your guests because it makes them feel special. You don’t have to give a million dollar gift, but a little something to show appreciation for their presence goes a long way! And an event is not an event with out food.. don’t let your guests starve.

During the event

Introduce people

If your guests don’t all know each other- you should be introducing them! Offer them something to drink and let them chat it up.

Make sure everyone feels included

Take a look around. What’s everyone doing? If someone’s sitting in the corner make the effort to make them feel welcomed by offering them food, introducing them to someone they haven’t met yet, or just talk to them yourself! You can even play games to crack the ice and get more people involved.

Take Pictures!

Capture the fun moments, the food, the decorations, and the conversations.

Post event

Thank guests

Appreciation, again, goes a long way. The more appreciated someone feels at your event for taking the time to come- the more likely they are to go to your next event!

Send any pictures you have from the event

Who doesn’t love getting funny or cute pictures at the end of a night? You don’t have to send pictures right after they leave, but it’s always fun to receive pictures that other people took. So send them to your guests!


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