Why These 4 Hairstyles of Mine are my Favorite

Am I the only one who changes my hair to signify a new chapter in my life? I don’t think I can count how many “new chapters” I’ve had but based on how many hairstyles I’ve had throughout the years.. I would say a lot- some that worked more than others. Here are a few of my favorite styles:


This purple gave me life! So a little back story: I got my first job at a hair salon. You can imagine how flattered I was at 15 when one of the stylists asked me to model her work. I was convinced after getting this hairstyle that it was just the beginning of my modeling career! While this didn’t turn out to be true.. My hair picture ended up being printed as a poster and was hung at the front of the salon.


Love this blonde so much! My sophmore year of college one of my close friends from high school started cosmetology school right next to my University’s campus. This is the first time she did my hair and I was in love. I decided here that I wanted to stay blonde forever.


A few months after being a blondie, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted dark in my hair but wasn’t ready for a full transition. The change in hair color was actually a huge shock- it turned out much darker than i had expected, but i fell in love with the dimension and honestly I miss this hair.


Had to go back to blonde. I love this style because even though you can see that my hair was a little grown out (it was dyed full blonde before), I received the most compliments on my hair when it was like this. And who doesn’t like a compliment from time to time? Especially on your hair!







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