It Will Be Easier if You Start Today!

The longer we wait to speak up or take action, the more difficult it seems to do it. Have you ever put off a tough conversation with a friend or coworker? And the more time that passed, the more anxious you felt about it. Most often times than not, our conversations go better than we anticipate, and we wish we would’ve spoken up sooner. Last week I was having a friendly dispute with my coworkers about whether you should leave dirty dishes in the sink or next to it. I argued that they should be left beside the sink, so … Continue reading It Will Be Easier if You Start Today!

Letting Go

Just let it go As most of the advice we are given, easier said than done. Books and spiritual healers tell us the key to happiness and inner peace is to let go, but what exactly does that mean? Let go of what is no longer serving you- that thought, belief, idea. Let go of that story you tell yourself where you are the victim. Let go of the need for control. The more we feel the need to control a situation or another person, the more unhappy we find ourselves. The mentality is addictive and unhealthy. We do not … Continue reading Letting Go