What’s your Life Blueprint?

You can imagine my disbelief when my friend, who is embarking her motivational speaking career, told our friend group that she had never heard of Tony Robbins. Excuse me. What?! When I was in high school, I discovered Pinterest. This was the beginning of my obsession with motivational quotes which translated into watching motivational videos on YouTube. I remember one of the first motivational speeches I watched on youtube; it was given by Tony Robbins. I remember watching this video and then watching all of his videos and thinking to myself that he truly had life figured out. Fast-forward a … Continue reading What’s your Life Blueprint?

Finding Deeper Meaning

Like many who come into college, I started my academic career by taking “generals”. These are classes like sociology 1001, biology 1000, and intro to psychology. In these courses, we skim the various topics that pertain to the overall subjects- like in biology we briefly went over definitions of evolution, genetics, and cell functions. Each topic covered spanned about two weeks long. We took an exam, forgot about what we learned, and then moved onto the next subject. While these classes gave us a chance to explore the wide range of studies available to us, they lacked an in-depth understanding … Continue reading Finding Deeper Meaning

No gym? No problem. Here are 7 Fun Neighborhood Workouts

Stairs! Find a set of stairs and get in the zone. Hills! Put on your pump-up playlist on and get excited. Live near a coffee shop? Run or bike there and get your day started early. Grab a basketball, tennis racket, or soccer ball and get playing. Make it fun! Resistance bands! Find a reliable pole and enjoy the fresh air while getting your strength up. Find a quiet spot, bring a mat, and practice some yoga. Invite a friend to go for a walk. Gossiping and walking makes for lots of steps!           Continue reading No gym? No problem. Here are 7 Fun Neighborhood Workouts