It Will Be Easier if You Start Today!

The longer we wait to speak up or take action, the more difficult it seems to do it. Have you ever put off a tough conversation with a friend or coworker? And the more time that passed, the more anxious you felt about it. Most often times than not, our conversations go better than we anticipate, and we wish we would’ve spoken up sooner. Last week I was having a friendly dispute with my coworkers about whether you should leave dirty dishes in the sink or next to it. I argued that they should be left beside the sink, so … Continue reading It Will Be Easier if You Start Today!

Food for Thought

“Are you really hungies or do you just feel empty inside?” My friend read out loud from a tweet on our way to brunch. We all laughed. The tweet which was comical, yet very relatable, and it re-visited my mind today. I think back to social occasions where I’ve felt disconnected or uncomfortable and have turned to food hoping it would somehow fill the void. Food is such an emotional thing- a temporary fix from a stressful day, an escape from loneliness or disappointment. I find that when I’m going about my day with intentional alignment with my goals and … Continue reading Food for Thought