Letting Go

Just let it go As most of the advice we are given, easier said than done. Books and spiritual healers tell us the key to happiness and inner peace is to let go, but what exactly does that mean? Let go of what is no longer serving you- that thought, belief, idea. Let go of that story you tell yourself where you are the victim. Let go of the need for control. The more we feel the need to control a situation or another person, the more unhappy we find ourselves. The mentality is addictive and unhealthy. We do not … Continue reading Letting Go

Are You Having Fun?

I’m subscribed to Abraham Hicks daily quotes and if you are not, I highly recommend them. Their quotes reveal great truths and inspire me every day. This morning, the quote they sent said this: “…And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows.” When’s the last time you did something purely for fun? Not out of obligation? Or if it was out of obligation, what did you do to make it fun? Yesterday morning the newsletter they sent said something along the lines of “by having more fun, the more productive … Continue reading Are You Having Fun?

Food for Thought

“Are you really hungies or do you just feel empty inside?” My friend read out loud from a tweet on our way to brunch. We all laughed. The tweet which was comical, yet very relatable, and it re-visited my mind today. I think back to social occasions where I’ve felt disconnected or uncomfortable and have turned to food hoping it would somehow fill the void. Food is such an emotional thing- a temporary fix from a stressful day, an escape from loneliness or disappointment. I find that when I’m going about my day with intentional alignment with my goals and … Continue reading Food for Thought