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Two Very Different Experiences

This morning we woke up and the idea of Sunday brunch pulled us out of bed before noon. We drove over to the nearest brunch spot. As I was waiting by the hostess stand, an older couple was walking out. The woman led. She had gold grills on her bottom teeth and made a point […]

Are Your Basic Needs Being Met?

This afternoon when I was walking my cute puppy, Franklin, it started raining. Sprinkles turned into a full on downpour, and we began to run home. When we got inside, Franklin was so excited he was running around the apartment with a huge smile on his face which got me thinking: What makes Franklin happy? […]

A Day in Jupiter, Fl

Today we spent the day in Jupiter Florida, and we were blown away to say the least. Prior to our trip we did a little bit of (Tik Tok) research, and found several videos raving about Blowing Rocks Preserve & Riverbend Park… We found our lunch spot, Food Shack, in our coupon book LOL sold […]

How Being Happy Lost Me 35 Pounds

Before I share my story, I want to provide a disclaimer that this is not a lose weight fast story. This weight loss process has taken me over five years. My story starts the summer after my freshman year of college when I was an overnight camp counselor. During my three months as a counselor, […]


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